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QUOTE (ME 26-06 @ 30 Mar 2008, 17:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The only recent release that has not been completely ripped apart on Austrian forums (and as Gödel will confirm, they are very determined to show that Austrians are the true masters of the ancient art of flamewar...); the only issue apparently being that the front logo may (!) be printed a tad too high.

That is quite simply the most delicious model!!
I don't think I will be 'flaming' about this! A super model of a super locomotive. I think the Taurus 4 will probably be able to fly!
And it certainly will look very good with the magnificent RailTop coaches!

Talking of ungrateful Austrian forums, I wonder how the surprise N scale Rh 1012 from Minitrix will be received when it appears?! The catalog picture is definitely H0 with the Rapido coupling added afterwards by computer, and isn't even the Trix H0 model anyway but an earlier small series model I read on one of these Austrian forums. Then again, with such brilliant models available in H0 such as this Taurus 3, those who model in N are more concerned about the landscape and trains with the real number of coaches that most people can't possibly fit into a H0 layout!

Is is always better to read reviews of European models here, as if the lettering is out by 1mm, then like me no-one cares! Thanks for sharing this ME-26 06; the best way to show off the Austrian prototype must be Roco models of the 1216 and the BBÖ 310

I think the problem will these Austrian forums, and others, is that they are used to such high standard models that they get very upset about tiny things, when UK modellers would be delighted with such models. True, they are more expensive, but I don't care where they put "part of the best" as long as it is within a few mm of the right place!

Why why why do I model N scale, I think, each time such a model is shown! You must stop tormenting me Tom!!
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