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I see red.

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Austrian red, that is. I have picked up a class 1216 Taurus 3 at my lhs yesterday, and albeit I´m not a huge Taurus fan, this one is gorgeous.

The 1216 is the latest development in Taurus engines. The model reproduces the 1216 001, which is one of the engines designed to run in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Italy. It is basically a DBAG class 189 inside the (modified) carbody of a Taurus. Top spped 230 kph in AT and D, 140 in I and SL.

Roco claims to have designed this model from scratch. There are ongoing discussions whether it is made in China or Slovakia, anyway, it is great imho.

And it FINALLY provides me with an excuse to go out and buy a couple of Railtop Eurocity coaches!

The only recent release that has not been completely ripped apart on Austrian forums (and as Gödel will confirm, they are very determined to show that Austrians are the true masters of the ancient art of flamewar...); the only issue apparently being that the front logo may (!) be printed a tad too high.

Hope you like!
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Very nice, it looks a bit better than my Trix one. Wouldn't mind having a closer look at this one. Guess I might have to get one.
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QUOTE (simonj @ 1 Apr 2008, 09:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Neil, is that a Brawa loco in your signature with a smoke generator fitted? How does the smoke come out? Does it take time to warm up etc?
Hi Simon, yes it's a Brawa Br19 1001. The smoke generator is preinstalled although I have had to replace the installed one a month ago. It did work when I got it, these things expire after a while though.

You operate by pressing a function button.

It works by putting smoke fluid into the smoke generator by use of a syringe (2mls). It only really takes a couple of second to fire up if all is working and you haven't put too much fluid in.

Here's another couple of gratuitous pictures which show smoke generators.

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