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i want

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Thsi is hard i want a layout with a through station, an yard an for some reason a mine?? but iam struggling i dont have a clue where to start, i want long trains but dont no why, do i think i want it modular for the space?i dont what to do can i have some help i am finding it hard to draw up something on paper, thanks
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Chris, can you tell us what scale and/or gauge you want to model in, if you are wanting to model the UK scene (and if so what period you'd like to have your model representing) or Europe or USA? Only all these factors stongly influence what you might have in the model and what sources of information you therefore to look at.

John Webb
hi john, i would like to use the available space in the attic, an run OO. the scene is a modern British layout but no preference to where.
The plans produced by C J Freezer and published by Peco are probably the first place to look. These are often available second-hand from stands at model railway exhibitions, swap-meets and the like. Also look out for the various PSL (Patrick Stephens Ltd.) guides on model railways or the combined 'Complete Guide to Model Railways' which has several discussions about the sort of layout to select.

Visiting model railway exhibitions can also give you a range of ideas - I went to a number of these before deciding what to do in my loft on returning to model railways after a break of over 40 years.

The new 'Hornby Magazine' by Ian Allan has also published some very interesting layout ideas in its issues.

By choosing a modern British layout this will simplify track layouts; the modern railway trys to avoid complicated pointwork because it costs more to install and maintain - it can also restrict the speed of trains.

Best wishes,
John Webb
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thank you john, i will be out today so i wil pop into some model rail shops an take a look at these books an publications. I had a hst when i was 2 an sat for hours watching it go round in an oval, know iam older i want to start a layout. Like i say modular will be best due to space as i work on the attic space an if i move.

thanks chris
I would strongly recommend this book as a starting point for anyone who is thinking about building a layout:

The Model Railway Design Manual: How to Plan and Build a Successful Layout by C.J. Freezer

I've used it many times over the past ten years or so.

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