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I'd like to nominate the great British 4-4-0 express passenger engine as an icon :
Doesn't matter which region you like, they are all outstandingly beautiful: T9, D15, Midland 2P and Compound, Directors, D, E, L, D30, D34, Holden's Claud, Heywood's lovely D40, Schools, Bullldogs, Dukes and Dukedogs and all the others I left out (LNWR, GNR, NER, LBSCR, CR etc, I know, I know) - no other country did it quite the same.

While I'm at it..... (no special order)

The P8

The Bavarian S3/6

The original NOHABs

The Euston Arch

The Forth Bridge

The Pullman car - art deco before art deco


St Pancras


The Merchant Navies


Merry Christmas all

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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