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The test coach sounds like MENTOR.

That page also confirms that the New Measurement Train includes a pantograph. Maybe that's out of commission for some reason, but my guess is they're doing extra overhead line monitoring on the WCML after the spate of major OHL failures recently. If so perhaps they've had to fall back on the older vehicle and scratch together the rest of the train from whatever is available at short notice.

Infrastructure monitoring trains usually run with some extra coaches to provide brake force (though with Class 67 this isn't strictly necessary, as unlike older locos they are not underbraked). In principle any coach with the correct braking system and speed capability will do, but the most common are some ex-Gatwick Express Mk2s based at the RTC. I suppose it could have been the Royal Train but perhaps also might have been the EWS Executive Train which includes Mk3s of a similar colour.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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