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If anyone has any advise regarding to trees

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Im only new to digital Ho trains. i really want a nice layout with hills a tunnel and maybe even a bridge.
If anyone know how to make easy trees i would like to know.
Any advice?
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You can make decent trees lots of ways, and easily with any of the sea foam type of products - Woodland Scenics have some packs, but they aren't cheap - see Woodland Scenics fine leaf foliage at as an example.
Not the best pic but the only one I have handy of a tree that was made with the WS foliage.
If you just use the sea foam stems as trunks they are a bit thin. I prefer to use garden twigs or twisted wire frames for trunks. Normally I use WS and Heki foliage mats on wire or garden twig trunks.

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"Creating the Scenic Landscape" by Trevor Booth (published by Silver Link in 1994, ISBN 1 85794 023 7) has several pages, diagrams and photos on constructing trees, bushes and hedges, which you may find useful. There may well be an American equivilent that's easier for you to get at. It is a fairly basic need in railway modelling, so it tends to be covered to a greater or lesser degree in many books on railway modelling.
John Webb
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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