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Important note on Hornby HST running

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I've picked up the latest Hornby HST. Nice model, however when I put it on the track the motor hummed, lights worked but it did not move. I finally sussed that the screw which is used to secure the loco to the packaging , and which Hornby suggest should be screwed back into place once bracket removed, actually interferes with the motor turning. Grasping at straws and in an effort to find a way to get the body off, I removed the screw and it works perfectly.

I've informed Hattons who supplied the model (excellent service) as I'm sure they are going to get lots of people reporting the same fault as me.

Just to recap: Hornby instructions say replace screw that held the packaging bracket in place. Do not do this as it appears to affect the motor turning. Don't know why - still haven't figured how to get body off and not going to do so for fear of breaking something!

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Now that's what I call a strange fault - well spotted.

A number of people are also reporting this on the Hornby website forum.
Hi - had our first ones in the shop today - most of the windows had dropped out!!!!

David Y
QUOTE (Dinwiddy @ 27 Nov 2008, 17:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi - had our first ones in the shop today - most of the windows had dropped out!!!!

Not too much of a surprise - nearly every Hornby model I have bought recently seems to have minimal solder and minimal glue where such should exist. Nearly always end up resoldering wires when I take a body off and regluing bits which have fallen off. Sometimes it seems as if they are selling CKD models again.
I found the same thing with a Class 56 - don't tighten all the way.

I've also had an issue with the coach nearest the trailing power car derailing. It seems to be the coupling hooks getting tangled, so have resolved by removing a hook off the coach. This seems to have cured the problem.

Roll on a close-coupling replacement!

Minor glitches aside, still a massive leap forward for HST modelling! Looking forward to some more liveries next year to replace the old Hornby power cars - hope they will work back through the back-catalogue, and not just very new liveries.
Yes very nice model once I got it going. Nice top speed as well. Also had an issue with first coach derailing. Thanks for the tip

QUOTE A number of people are also reporting this on the Hornby website forum.

Had a quick look. Couldn't see any references to new HST other than requests for new liveries. The Hornby forum is very heavily moderated- maybe they pulled the thread because it showed adverse comment on model. Rather a shame if they did, because i'm sure this must be a common fault that is easily rectified.

QUOTE (paulrelf @ 27 Nov 2008, 19:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Roll on a close-coupling replacement!

Does this mean that a newly tooled model does not have close couplings ?
Yes, Hornby did pull the thread, twice.

Do not know why, thought it was a valuable point to make.

I don't understand hornby pulling that thread.

No one is knocking the model, just pointing out a major fault with the instructions.

Strange, very strange, and ultimately very disappointing.
Once running , I have to say this really is a cracker. I pondered whether to spend £106 on the model, but I am not disappointed! Top speed is worthy of an HST. I have her with 4 Hornby Mk3s , lovely and smooth. Lights are superb (mine is not DCC, but they seem to have constant brightness as soon as a little power applied, front and rear). another small niggle is that one of the guards windows has just dropped out. A small problem - but come on Hornby, not what you expect of a £100+ model.

There is no reference in the forum to the issue of the bracket screw interfering with running, which seems a shame, as I'm sure there will be quite a few returns which could be easily sorted.

I wonder whether the lack of glue holding windows is a result of earlier complaints about some Hornby and Bachmann items having too much glue so that it seeped out around the edges of the windows. Personally, I would rather have too little glue (that can be easily fixed) rather than too much (almost impossible to eliminate), even if it does mean a little more work for me.
There have been a number of complaints on another website regarding poor running etc.
Some people were about to send them back to the retailer. The initial complainer was from Norway, but someone told him to remove the transit screw, and his is now running perfect.

Hornby have added the following note to the HST on their product line.

'Contrary to the instructions included with the new Hornby HST packs and before operating the model, remove the transit bracket and screws, these items can then be discarded'.

All very fine if you access the Hornby website before buying.

I hope they have told all retailers who can then pass this information onto the customers as they buy.

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