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This month a new run of Austrains NR model comes out. This time with the Indian Pacific logo. This is the sixth run of this loco and it's quite popular locally. Austrains are probably Australias best quality local producer of ready to run model locomotives although they are still a distance behind the quality available overseas in Europe and America. This is mainly due to the far lower quantities built and sold and the resultant higher prices. Never the less the model is reasonably good and has some interesting logos. In a previous run the Ghan, Adelaide to Darwin, loco was released in an attractive red and white logo.

The real thing

The model

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QUOTE (pedromorgan @ 1 Jul 2006, 14:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>do you have a rough price?


Yes, sorry I should have put that and a link on my initial post.

It's $245 Aussie which is about 100 quid. Export price is $222 which is about ninety quid. Heres some addittional info;

Model Specifications:

Gauge: HO
Length: (Over pilots) 245mm
Height: 50mm
Width: 35mm
Mechanism: Five-pole skew wound motor fitted with two brass flywheels driving all wheels through delrin worm and gear train with sintered bronze bearings. Electrical pickup on all 12 wheels
Wheel profile: NMRA RP25 profile
Wheel dimensions:
Diameter: 10.5mm
Width: 2.75mm
Flange: 0.75mm
Couplers: Comes with Kadee compatible coupler fitted
Standard European hook and loop supplied

There is a picture of it under the shell on this page Mechanisms

This is their main website

It is well weighted and the details reasonable. The white handrails are too thick but if it's a big issue they could be replaced. They do have some other trains on their website which may be of interest.

I think they still have some of the Ghan version left.
This does the North South route from Adelaide to Darwin.

There is also a forthcoming version of the CLP expected in October

This may look familiar to American modellers. This may be available with sound, the QSI DC version. Have a look at their site they have plenty of information and have photos under the skin too.
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