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Industrial Steam Engines

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Hi all. I am trying to get hold of Industrial steam engines for use on my layout. It seems that no-one makes any at all. Is there a way of getting hold of Manning Wardles/Avonsides/Barclays etc?? Does anyone make the kits for them? I would appreciate any help at all..
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Hornby's 0-6-0 ST Class J94, designed by R A Riddles in 1943 was produced in quantity for Ministry of Supply use and also for industrial railways. Hornby actually make a private owner's version, model No. R2556, in NCB livery.

Others with more knowledge than I have will no doubt be able to add more information.

John Webb
Hornby also make an 0-4-0ST lately sold as 'Smokey Joe' which is a representation of a Neilson design bought by the Caledonian Railway, but which was also supplied to contractors. This would really need a new chassis built for it to qualify as a model, as it has one of Hornby's 'toy department special' mechanisms. There has never been anything much in this sector in OO RTR.
One of Hornby's products which is constantly overlooked is their rather bizarre looking 0-4-0 side tank, I believe currently available in Eddie Stobbart livery and others. Although it looks odd, it is in fact a reasonably accurate model of a pair of locos that worked at the Dowlais works of GKN in Wales. Try and scroll down.
Thanks guys. I already have 4+ J94's, and the inevitable pugs and Hornby club freebies. I was really looking for the unusual, outside their product run.......
QUOTE (Fireline @ 17 Aug 2007, 11:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I was really looking for the unusual, outside their product run.......

Try this
DJH do two whitemetal starter kits

or Agenoria

They are excellent etched brass kits if you are prepared to build or have a go, they used to build some as well for customers but that was a few years ago and not seen them advertise rtr versions.

Note there are 4mm and 7mm version of some and the higher price is for a complete kit including wheels.

They may be able to recommend one as an ideal starter kit.
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Also don't forget things like GWR panniers were used by the NCB in Wales and things like the bachmann J72 are quite similar to some industrials.
If you are on a limited budget don't discount the Hornby Bill & Ben from the Thomas range as a source for a kitbash, even something as simple as replacing the face with a proper smokebox door. Use a spare Hornby part or try looking a the Dapol OO plastic kits as a source of parts.
Bachmann UK also have the two starter locos in their range which are actually the American Thomas & Percy models.
Hornby's little 4wheel diesel can be found in a multitude of colours.....and with a bit of detailing is quite an accurate model of the 06?? has the same chassis as the 0-4-0 tanks with the symbolic con rods.....however, I have in the past, actually soldered on an extension for the diesel, going in under the cab could even model a counterbalanced crank drive.....easy to model, just drill a hole through the chassis. a bit of axle, and part of the crankpin and axle boss of any old driving wheel....or don't bother with the crank at all..the steps hide most of it anyway.

to slow the loco down (they're a bit manic), then some diodes for constant lighting (the driver's ciggy?), and a bit of weight might be in order?

I bought a couple, shop soiled , years ago, in bright yellow and blue......they had BIG buffers too...

If into kits, are Agenoria still on the go?

Then there's the Knightwing hunslet diesels....
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how's about this one for an oddball?

I well remember Doxford marine diesels......renowned for keeping engineers..and everyone else, on their toes.

their air start was a real lottery.....the bridge rings down for 'full astern' and you unwittingly gave them 'full ahead!!!!!!!'

Burmeister & Wain diesels were more reliable in this respect..
If you are prepared to have a go at kits, there are others available. Chivers do white metal kits which include an 0-4-0ST Manning Wardle and the venerable LSWR Beattie saddle tank 0-6-0ST. Other etched kit manufacturers are High Level who specialise in the smaller tanks (7 different types) and diesels and Mercian who list Pecketts and others such as Bagnalls, Hunslets and Barclays (11 steamers currently listed).
the Hornby Terrier found non-mainline did many small tanks, as they cascaded off the 'useful' lists...

one example of the above I found concerned the Highland Railway, and Invergordon Docks during world war one.....

due to enormous traffic demands...[ the movement of huge numbers of sea mines]...and vast siding areas, the Ministry of Supply (i think, or war office) collared several Terriers of the LBSCR for shunting duties, and sent them north.

which was somewhat fitting, as Stroudley, who designed the Terrier, originally worked for the HR, where he desgned and built the Lochgorm tank, which were the Terrier forerunners.

I am trying to locate a website about a mineral line in Cumberland, up by Whitehaven......I have photos, but have lost the link.....I think the steamers had names associated with old warships?

maybe someone out there knows?
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Nice small industrial layout in the September Railway Modeller using the high level kits.

Were you thinking of the Lowca Railway, which had two Saddle tanks named Warspite and Amazon?

They were both similar to the Hornby J94 type.

Warspite Hunslet 3778/1952
Amazon Vulcan Foundry 529/1945


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thanks, Colombo, that's the one!

very 'model-able' with proprietary stock?

They also had a diesel or two.

interesting little railway. Maybe Fireline should take a look..for inspiration?
Just a thought but the Fleischmann "Black Anna" can be anglicised with very little work and when so attacked makes up into a very presentable if freelance industrial 0-4-0T

Yes, the Bachmann J72 is quite passable as an industrial type - and is a great deal cheaper than some of the kits. I have a J72 on the Whittingstones Railway layout I am currently building.

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