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Just thought you'd like to see the reply I got about the Viessmann GBS Panel..

The GBS panel is a new item of this year. It will be available in the late autumn this year.

It panel consists of separate fields which contains different track symbols like the track diagram in the Commander. There are field which have no function e.g. strait track and bumper tracks. Other field can be illuminated for the route signalisation and feedback of the track sections. The fields for switches and semaphores can show the actual state of them and you can control and switch them with the button on them. Additionally there are some special fields for buildings, tunnels and so on.

The fields have a dimension of 22x22mm each. You can insert them in a grid module with 4 x 8 fields. These grid modules can be arranged in bigger groups.

The fields with a function must be connected to a control module (no. 5308 or 5307). This control module can operate up to 16 function fields. The fields without a function do not need to be connected to the control module. The control module will ensure the connection between the field and the Commander.
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QUOTE Just thought you'd like to see the reply I got about the Viessmann GBS Panel..

And you were absolutely right

Thanks for posting it.

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