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Inspirational Stations

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There are many stations that inspire modellers. I suspect that we each have a favourite location that we would like to model. How often do we dream of what we would create if only we had the time/money/understanding spouse/someone made a suitable kit .......... yes there are many reasons why these railway layouts never get built but the dream remains in a corner of your mind. At odd idle moments you search out that dream, run your mind over the perfectly executed track diagram, imagine yourself holding an exquisite model of the station building which you have just built with your newly found scratch building skills. Then the car driver behind you runs out of patience and honks as the lights return to red.

But why not share that dream. If you are unable to build it ...........

I will start the ball rolling with Döbeln Hauptbanhof (Main Station) which is situated on the Dresden to Leipzig (via the Muldentalbahn) route where it crosses the Chemnitz to Berlin line.

Looking East 120 278 runs through the station with a freight off the Dresden line. 21/09/90

The interesting layout is shown to advantage in the first photo.

A simplified plan view.

132 039 leaves with a service to Chemnitz 21/09/90

118 747 arriving from the West, again on 21/09/90

All the previous photographs were taken before the East German DR was merged with the West German DB. This was the scene just a year after the wall came down. Not much changed on the railways.

Now electrified, we see 143 087 pushes a short rake of double decker coaches.

Here another modern view shows some more station details.

I travelled through this station a few times but never had the time to alight and take some photographs. I find the station layout to be very interesting and hope to incorporate something of the essence of this place in a future layout.

I found the wonderful photographs on Flickr, specifically here: Werner & Hansjörg Brutzer Flickr collection. I wrote to Werner asking for permission to use their photos on MRF and he has graciously given permission. I urge all to visit their fabulous Flickr collection, you will not be disappointed.

Anyone else like to share their dream?

Best regards .............. Greyvoices (alias John)

Nearly forgot the roundhouse. 201 050 on shed with a pair of shunting locomotives in 1992.
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Hi John,
As always what a great / interesting read, and glad the St.Pancras front has been of interest too of course.
Feel a new thread soon in the making perhaps - “Termini” could be fun eh - your posted starting feeling is obvious ....
You mentioned in previous posts on this thread, “Javlin” services, not come across those, are they “similar” to Thameslink services / routes, sounded that way ?
Will post further on St.P build front, once of interest too - as plenty more from / above platform level to go 🙉 ....
Finally, “Snow Hill” tunnel being mentioned is an amazing link too in the 90’s, is another “Small World” link - as the Ludgate development was another story with Bovis ..... 🤔 .....
Cheers for now, Norm
Hi John,
Thanks for the map, it’s one had not heard of before - can always learn eh.
So part of the CTRL / Eurostar main route.
Cheers Norm
Hi John / All,
Just following up on the above Lewes post, had to repost your Amazing original pic -
Train Rolling stock Vehicle Sky Track

Thank You John. Cheers Norm
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Hi All,
This thread has gone a little quiet. By way of a little spur, came across the Forgotten Stations website link today; in relation to another Thread / Post, then spent some further time enthralled finding more and more interesting reading / information -

... the Nottingham Victoria link in particular hit a nerve, having spent a few years in that neck of the woods, many moons ago now.
But sure some memories / inspiration and much more on the website overall, for many others.
Happy Modelling as always, Cheers Norm
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Then again some abandoned stations get a new lease of life like Goathland set aside like so many but resurrected as a Preservation line, nowadays since I first researched there is a new building and a new carpark flooring
the bridge was bought in from another closed station in order to provide more safety for visitors, another was added further up the line as several stations have been revitalised
Plant Building Tree Sky Asphalt

Cloud Sky Building Window Plant

Water Plant Sky Tree Waste container

Property Window Building Asphalt Architecture

Plant Land lot Urban design Slope Thoroughfare

Train Sky Window Vehicle Plant

Sky Window Cloud Building Track

Sky Building Window Cloud Plant

Sky Window Building Tree Cloud

Train Plant Sky Vehicle Rolling stock
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Hi Jaz,
Indeed that’s so true.
We have the Bluebell “down this way” - another Great success story; but with lots of hard work over a long period of time.
Have often been tempted / thought of a future layout being based on a Preservation theme - from Didcot to York, lots of scope and opportunity to run / have almost “anything” it feels ......
As Greyvoices original thread concept it’s what ever “inspires” each individual / that’s Key at the end of the day for sure.
Thanks for posting, Cheers Norm
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I have some quite inspirational stations

Small terminus, Cheltenham St James, used by the Midland and South Western Junction, nice track plan with most features you need

Big Through Station, Nottingham Victoria, very large to reproduce but I have used the 3 roads between platform system which allowed freight trains to pass through without being close to the platform edges also efficient although depends how wide you can go.

Through express station, Charwelton - summit of the Great Central line, the advantage here for modellers is that it has only one double sided platform which makes it space efficient, I have added loops either side more than it had to ensure train stacking, a bit unrealistic but then it does work .

Small through station, I like Evercreech Junction with its banking engine line in the middle lots of interesting features.

Large Terminus, Bradford Adolphus Road, an early overall roof station sort of mini St Pancras, very early was turned over to parcels etc when Exchange was opened, shame this was demolished and is now a roundabout.

In this category Bath Green Park is another if smaller than Bradford ARd, someday someone is going to produce this in model form

Mid through station, Stockport Tiviot Dale, 4 through roads and a superb frontage, I really want to reproduce this for my main station although the west end was a bit naff if duplicated the east end then it would be splendid, also feartures such as freight yard etc and anyway I like the great Central

So these stations have inspired me in my model railway and I hope to improve on what I have. Maybe some pics will follow.
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Hi St James in Cheltenham was a GWR station and the MSJR did use it I think in early BR Western region before that I Think they used the LMS station at Landsdown rd now the only mainline station left of of five that Cheltenham had. The other three being Leckhampton , Malvern road and Cheltenham race source which is part of the Gloucester Warickshire Railway is operating and is a very nice place as is the other stations on the line all in keeping with their original buildings. Jim
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As an add on The last station on the line is Broadway after the line was closed it was completely demolished and now apart from some changes due to building regulations has been rebuilt mostly as it was and looks superb . There was some musing about taking the line back into Cheltenham to Malvern rd though If true will be a long way off. Not sure if any of these stations could be classed as inspirational but from my point most certainly they are.
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In which case they are inspirational to you.
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Hi Kris,
It’s interesting to read how you took parts of some of the track arrangements from some of the stations you have mentioned, to then include in your layout.
Think the inclusion of a third or even fourth line running through the stopping lines at the stations is a very good one, and gives a significant benefit and options in terms of operation too. (* must remember this for the future).
Thanks for posting Cheers Norm
Thanks for the comment Norman, using the GCR system for London Extension aka Charwelton etc this is how I used it for Ashby on the Hill
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The 4 track main line at Towcaster Central, based on Nottingham Victoria and then added 2 through lines of the GCR and GWR joint over to the left, noite the third running line through the main station.
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looking the other direction and I love how the junctions turned out on the curve, somehow quite evocative, not sure of what but seems appropriate somehow.
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Hi again Kris,
Thanks for posting the pics showing the “run through” lines.
As previous comment gives a lot of additional operational possibilities / scope. (* you sure do have a serious amount of rolling stock - could be Railway version of M25 🤣) ! Mensa Test for what too move first - avoiding .....
Cheers for now, Norm
I remember seeing a model of Sheffield Midland Station at many model railway exhibitions in Sheffield around the 1970's. I think it featured in one of the Railway magazines. It was huge and in OO gauge. I've always wondered if it is still around somewhere.
Hi Graham,
Perhaps have a search on the net, see if you can recognise it - as there seems to be quite a wide variety out there. Don’t suppose you can remember the name of the layout or owner even to narrow things down perhaps ?
Also could contact the local Model Railway club in Sheffield, see if they have any info on that layout; this is an interesting read of there current OO guage large and impressive layout build -

.... good luck, Cheers for now, Norm
As to rolling stock - if only you knew, I have masses of it most will never be used again so I aim to start selling a good deal of it, coaches by the hundred and maybe a thousand wagons so even most of my Wrenn stock is boxed up as well and of course there is all the stock on the layout which has 41 complete trains plus spare locos so about 70 of those, I have nearly 400 but only about 230 have dcc equipment etc, etc.

I try to run 1962 era stock and locos mostly as this is the year I recall as my earliest interest in railways, naturally I inherited father's layout and all he had although I have traded out all the tender drives, split chassis and other dubious rolling stock as well as a lot of pre dcc equipped locos.

A nice loco and one repaired at Barwell when I effectively wore it out. GN Atlantic seen here on the GCR line with a train of LNER stock
(just like to show it off - fine loco)
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