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Interesting and unusual wagons and sets

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On the my workbench thread we were having a bit of a discussion on wine barrel wagons. So I thought I would start a separate thread for discussing unusual wagons loads.

Yesterday in the mail I got the Maerklin and Trix Museum car of the year. For those who do not know the release these annualy and they consist of a wagon and a motor vehicle in HO scale. I quite like these as you can use these to create little scenes where the truck is waiting in the station to pick up or deliver the load.

This years Trix one was a beer wagon.

Lorry is by Wiking

The Maerklin one I have mixed feelings about. I like the authentically stained wood on the wine barrels but do not like the clearly plastic canopy on the lorry.

I'll have to lose the canopy if I cannot modify it.

In previous years there was this one of Michealangelo's David which was a Maerklin release iof previous years. Sorry the photo is a bit blurry. I'll change it for a better one later.

I like interesting loads like this. Anyone else got any interesting or unusual rolling stock they'd like to show?
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re the piccy of the Marklin barrel wagon.....the lorry, a Maggy Deutz, could well have it's canvas hood toned down with a bit of weathering?

although I suspect you will be reluctant to mess too much with these charming models?

[If the models are based upon actual prototypes, why not make a new canvas tilt out of tissue paper over a wire frame?...O something similar?
paint then to match teh 'ambience' of the models?]

for years I kept a Electrotren barrel wagon....a bit coarse of underframe detail, but ooozing charm..
These sets are limited edition collectors item but intend to use them so making a new canopy would be the go. A bit of weathering wouldn't go amiss either.
Nice Photo's Neil
I like the details in your scenic items
and the flowers near the roadside
excellent stuff
Regards Zmil
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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