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Interesting façade

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Thunder asked me to post this:

QUOTE (Thunder)I recently spotted this building with railway paraphernalia on the front of it, the left hand side shows a locomotive buffer beam and the other crossed telegraph pole and semaphore signal, this is repeated along the whole facade of the building, along with locomotive wheels, i wonder who knows where it is, there's no prises for the first correct answer, just wondered if any one recognised it?

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Many thanks Doug for posting this for me, and in reply to Birtho, im glad you did not stake your reputation on it, or you would have lost it.
thought some one would have known where this building is and what it is, so heres two clues 1) its not a railway station, although it sands close to one. 2) its in london.
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Bank of england, Goedel, i think the last part of your statment was correct, no its not that, neither is it the HQ of NUR, sorry dwb.
I will narrow the area down, this building is sited between Marylebone station and Euston Station. and is definatly connected with railways, altough its not a station.
Well done Doug, I found it quite by accident, i was working around the corner in baker street, and was looking for somewhere to park my bike, when i found a bay right outside the building, and very impressive it looks too, its tucked away, so you could easeily drive by it without noticeing it.
I forgot to add, its used the British Transport Police now.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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