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Invasion of the body snatcher

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Had a really erie spooky experience today.
Although i am still in the construction stage of my model, i have completed some small areas, one such was a small field under a viaduct, which had the added feature of 4 horses.
This morning all 4 horses have gone!
nothing else has moved, the sheep are still there, the various people are still around the model, but all 4 horses have disappeared!
close examination reveals some mouse droppings,
any rodent experts know if a mouse would selectively take just the 4 horses?
This is wierd.
I should perhaps add that my model is in a converted garage, not the house. and that the field is bounded by track on two sides both of which had rolling stock on them which was not disturbed.
Finally No! I am not having a 'senior moment' and I did not move them myself!
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I expect the four 'mouseketeers' needed transport!

If you're going to trap them peanut butter works a treat.
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QUOTE (Duztee @ 26 Nov 2007, 22:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The garage is ( I thought) sealed, with new roof and insulated walls, although there is a small gap under the door.

Yes. Mice can stretch to an amazing degree.
My boy has pet mice and we had a wild one visit. When it saw me it was through the cage wires as if they weren't there!

We finally cornered it and he had his first kill. (I hope this doesn't offend anyone)
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