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Invasion of the body snatcher

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Had a really erie spooky experience today.
Although i am still in the construction stage of my model, i have completed some small areas, one such was a small field under a viaduct, which had the added feature of 4 horses.
This morning all 4 horses have gone!
nothing else has moved, the sheep are still there, the various people are still around the model, but all 4 horses have disappeared!
close examination reveals some mouse droppings,
any rodent experts know if a mouse would selectively take just the 4 horses?
This is wierd.
I should perhaps add that my model is in a converted garage, not the house. and that the field is bounded by track on two sides both of which had rolling stock on them which was not disturbed.
Finally No! I am not having a 'senior moment' and I did not move them myself!
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All rodents will use semi-firm or firm materials such as plastic and wood to chew on to help keep their teeth sharp and short. The need something they can get their teeth round/onto, hence they will keep off the larger objects, such as coaches, and go for the smaller items. If too small it doesn't offer enough resistance so they are unlikely to chew it.

My local church suffers from squirrels in the roof space - I had to put in a quantity of plastic ducting and conduit to protect the electric cables feeding lights after a number of sections of cable were chewed several years ago. The trunking and conduit are too large for them to bite easily.

Best bet is to ensure they cannot get in. You may have to set traps if they persist.
I forgot to say that you can safely trap mice; if squirrels are involved they can only be trapped and disposed of by those who hold a licence to do so. There is nothing to stop you shooting squirrels on your own property.
Local council or county council usually have pest control departments who can assist in the removal of these little tear-aways.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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