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Invasion of the body snatcher

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Had a really erie spooky experience today.
Although i am still in the construction stage of my model, i have completed some small areas, one such was a small field under a viaduct, which had the added feature of 4 horses.
This morning all 4 horses have gone!
nothing else has moved, the sheep are still there, the various people are still around the model, but all 4 horses have disappeared!
close examination reveals some mouse droppings,
any rodent experts know if a mouse would selectively take just the 4 horses?
This is wierd.
I should perhaps add that my model is in a converted garage, not the house. and that the field is bounded by track on two sides both of which had rolling stock on them which was not disturbed.
Finally No! I am not having a 'senior moment' and I did not move them myself!
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I also have my layout in the garage and used to have mice and rats getting in there. I "sealed" the garage to prevent them getting access as I didn't want the problems you are now getting. It is worth trying to prevent them getting access as they will chew through all sorts of stuff.
QUOTE (Duztee @ 26 Nov 2007, 23:03) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The garage is ( I thought) sealed, with new roof and insulated walls, although there is a small gap under the door.
This is how they used to get into my garage. I sealed along the bottom and around the edges of the garage door.
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