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I agree it's an unusual title but I was struggling!

It's important for people to model what they want without criticism but I was thinking that the higher the bar one sets then obviously the choices diminish (in rtr terms). Does this in turn lead to more frustration?
For example if one rules out things like traction tyres, tender drive, 3-pole motors, tender gaps, flangeless wheels, pancake motors, front end shapes and so on then there's just less.
On the other hand someone who'll take pretty much any and all has more and is therefore more satisfied?
As an example if one says I won't buy a 67 as it's not up to my standards so I'll buy another 37 certainly can do so but there's less variety on the layout so there must be some dissatisfaction.
I wonder what others think? Does a more relaxed attitude bring more enjoyment?

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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