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Depends so much on the individual: it is possible to be critical, but also relaxed, realistic, and able to really enjoy this hobby.

My primary interest is the main lines North from London. I now have a bigger choice in 'respectable quality' RTR OO than at any time in the past, including a large proportion of the common workaday stuff required in quantity for a good size representation of a main line operation circa 1960. I am still celebrating Bach's introduction of an accurate RTR model of the dia 1/108 16T mineral, the signature wagon of the time. A lot of other people must share this view, because every batch of the 'typical' unfitted grey in early livery produced so far, has evaporated from the shelves like the snow in spring. The BR mk1 coach range is adequately represented at last, (fifty years after it entered service) and there is a good choice of types of two distinct design eras of Pullman cars to a very good standard. We are promised an LNWR type heavy freight loco, we are getting an accurate as can be hoped for prototype Deltic, most of the BR standards and later LMS types are now available, there is actually some mixed traffic and freight power appropriate to the ECML.

There are some aspects of UK RTR that could do with further improvement - and I am going to start a thread on one of them - but is my glass half full, or half empty? I hope you can guess from the tone of this posting.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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