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I find that having some restrictions keeps my love of models in check, so locomotives need to have been recorded in the region and period I model - West Riding of Yorkshire in the 50s. Further restrictions are enforced by my running requirements unless it's something I can fix myself, so no 3 pole motors but a lack of tender pickups I can fix which is just as well since Bachmann just don't do them. My locomotive roster is small so far, so locomotives which aren't DCC ready are at the bottom of my wish list. I am unlikely to buy the Bachmann WD as I have read reports it is extremely difficult to convert.

So yes, I am fussy but Hornby and Bachmann are bringing out enough models in different livery variations to keep me buying for some time yet though I may have to build my own kit built 0-6-0 models some time in the far distant future.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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