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Is railway modelling green and healthy?

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With Prince Charles having a bit of a downer on McDonalds and lots of talk of carbon emissions right now its time for Model Rail Forum to have its own debate on green and healthy issues.

Is railway modelling a green pastime?

Is is healthy for you?

On the green side it has to be said that from a recycling point of view it is probably one of the top pastimes. You can model a whole layout from the contents of the refuse sac. And old models last forever and are constantly recycled on eBay and elsewhere. On the other hand the amount of metal and plastic and packaging utilised in ready to run new model production probably has the effect of making it ungreen overall if you only buy new models.

On the healthy side you do have to stretch and twist and cut and lift and run up and down stairs if you have a loft layout and it does take your mind off food and other digestive perils so it clearly it is better to be a railway modeller than not if you are seeking a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand it is all too easy to slump in your chair and watch your trains pass by if there is no ongoing project and your doctor might be alarmed at this practice.

As it is clearly in the interests of any hobby to promote its greeness and health giving properties could any of you provide examples of what you have done that you consider either to be a green or healthy practice.

Having to rush over to the end of a layout every 30 seconds to sort out Hornby Pullman coaches that keep derailing might be an example of excercise as you need to be nimble. And using the polystyrene packaging of your latest electrical goods to create an embankment would be an example of being green.

Really what we are looking for are the best examples of being green and burning calories that you can provide.

Happy modelling
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How about lugging an exhibition layout around a leisure complex, of course you have to load it up, drive to the exhibition, unload it, assemble it, charge round it like a blue a
d fly for two days, dismantle it, load it(again), drive home, unload it(again), and finally, in my case bury yourself in a couple of relaxing pints. Having walked to the pub of course!


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QUOTE (Paxman @ 1 Mar 2007, 08:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>More seriously, I am switching to acrylics for weathering, as I think they are not only safer but more pleasant to work with (and the brushes are easier to clean). As a child I don't know how many hours I spent inhaling Humbrol authenticolours.

I'll go with that, much easier to use and far more environmentally friendly.

As an aside I will use any old junk to build scenery, I also recycle buidings from other dead projects.


QUOTE (Rail-Rider @ 21 Mar 2007, 09:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It's clearly the pilot for an 'innovative' new series which will include

Model Rail: Its Contribution to the spread of Avian Flu
Model Rail: The Money Laundering Connection
Model Rail: The Part it Plays in Prostitution.
Model Rail: The Tragic Truth Behind Illegal Immigration
Model Rail: Political Corruption - Honours For Limited Edition Locos
Model Rail: How it Led to the Need for Speed Cameras
Model Rail: The Unsuspected Cause of British Binge Drinking
Model Rail: Its Contribution to Recreational Drugs and Substance Abuse
Model Rail: New Stealth Taxes based on OO/HO differentials
Model Rail: The Underlying Cause of Street Crime.
Model Rail: The REAL reason for the Iraq War?

The Grand Finale will of course be entitled
Model Rail: The Effect of Model Rail Forums on The Nation's Mental Health

Produced by the prolific "Padded Cell Studios" team in Birmingham.

You forgot the following:

Model Rail: It's role in the increase in one parent families.
Model Rail: It's part in the black economy.
and of course
Model Rail: Its place in defrauding the government.

Added by the man in the white van fron the Planet Thanet.


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