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Is there a DCC sound chip for this?!

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The more I find out about the ÖBB Taurus the better it gets...but who makes a DCC sound chip that can cope with the inverters you can hear in the clip?

Who knew that it has Grade 2 on the keyboard?!


ÖBB 1116 228
OEC 161 "Maria Theresia" (Zürich HB-Wien Westbahnhof)
Landeck-Perfuchs, 11-07-2006.
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Zimo have just release various German and Austrian diesel sounds for their large decoder family (MX690). Electric should be out soon. See the News on the website.

Arnold Huebsch has a number of sounds projects for the CT Elektronik sound decoders. Check his website here
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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