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iTrain Control software

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Has anyone used/evaluated the iTrain Control software yet?

The appeal for me is it interfaces with the ECoS, runs on Mac OS X , and the features for the price.

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I haven't evaluated the software as it is not yet LocoNet (Digitrax) compatible but it definitely looks to be cost effective and the fact that it runs on a Mac for me is the clincher. I have advised them that I will purchase a LocoNet version if and when one comes available. I like the 2 month trial aspect too.
Thanks for looking at it and replying.
I was considering Railroad & Co but the Silver Version is more than I want to pay and it means rebooting the iMac Intel into Windows XP Pro which I have but would prefer to stay on the Mac side if I can.

I hope to start tracklaying within the next couple of weeks so I will get a copy and post how I get on with it.

Do let us know how you go. I am chopping up wood this weekend for boards for my layout. I take it you have looked at JRMI where a couple of Java based applications compatible with Macs reside?
Shame it doesn't seem to have a Lenz interface.

I've been playing around with a download of RR&Co and just decided I would have to go for Gold to get what I want. In particular to oeprate British layouts properly you need custom signals and while they can be done in V5.8 they've removed that feature from Silver. I'm now going to investigate JRMI, Rocrail and anything else I can find.
SSI is another approach but you have to be prepared to apply British signalling practice rigorously.

Brian Martin
True. I have no problem with British signalling practice, so may be one to look at.
Update on iTrain Software

I downloaded the trial version and was so impressed with it for my needs decided to purchase it.

As soon as it connected to the ECoS via my ethernet network (Powerline units working through the house mains wiring) the loco data was downloaded automatically into the program and although I only have a test track connected was able to select and control a loco with the scroll wheel on the Mac Mighty Mouse straight away - no other setting up required.

Within 2 hours of paying I received the licence key with a note which read
"It is still a time limited license, because I first want to be sure that you are satisfied and don't claim your money back (we don't have a money back guarantee, but in some cases your credit card company can book it back). You will receive an unlimited license after some time and surely before this one expires."
That in my book is someone who deserves support as he considers the customer.

The software obviously has had a lot of thought and effort put into it and is straight forward to use. The 42 page manual is well written and presented and so far I have not found anything that is not covered.

I have already been in touch with the author this afternoon with a suggestion and had a reply in under 5 hours saying he had made the addition. OK it wasn't anything major but is still good service.

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That's excellent news Chris.

I too submitted a comment on the website concerning my desire to see the program with theDigitrax LocoNet capability and I received a reply over the weekend indicating that this would take a few more months but would be ready and in the meantime he provided me with a trial licence.

Excellent service already and always deserves a mention in my book.
QUOTE (BVM @ 27 Feb 2009, 22:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>SSI is another approach but you have to be prepared to apply British signalling practice rigorously.

Brian Martin

Can you expand on what you mean about the application of British practice? Does it mean this is not the default for this package?

I think the original poster Chris was after Mac based software which is not supported by the SSI from what I could gather.
I've just been trying out SSI - it is based on British signalling practice but makes certain simplifications and compromises which (from the probably picky viewpoint of someone who used to be heavily involved in the real thing) I don't think I can work around to get it to do what I want of it.
Hi Lancashire Fusilier

That's good news about the Digitrax system going to be available.

This guy is a pro software engineer about the same age as you and good as at his job from what I have seen so far.
It's good to see that he has not concentrated solely on the Mac so as to give the widest appeal at a very good price.

From my experience the available railway software for the Mac is very good. I used RailModeller to design my trackplan and both the software and the support is excellent.

I have to finish fixing hinged boards underneath the layout to fix the ESU SwitchPilots and detectors etc. to. I will then lay a full size track plan (nice feature in RailModeller) over the baseboards to check the feed positions for blocks and detectors etc. (iTrain came just at the right time) then on with the PECO code 55.

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