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***Its a pretty strong shelf at 19mm ....But it won't be dry and stabilised as soon as scenery is added with water based materials .... these take time to dry - enough that some will seep into an unsealed pine board expecially if its pine from a warmer climate with larger dellular structure... quite possible with such stuff. .... nor will is be stable if placed in the sunat any stage. If iehter happens on only one side of the board, it will move a little, perhaps enough to cause problems.

So... If the layout is to have a lot of time spent on it its better for it to be properly prepared...

If no bracing is to be used, then at least seal it with a coat of varnish or paint all over first. This will help a lot.

Optionally, I would use a simple frame of 20 x 40 or similar, leaving any cross bracing until the position of points is done. Make the braces at about 16", which means two intermediate braces plus one each end for a total of 4.

Better safe than sorry.

1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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