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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 15 Jun 2007, 13:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looking good make sure you keep us posted.



Boy its so weird seeing my railway on show, thanks bruv for putting the images on for all to see

The area shown is now dismantled (moved house) but packed away ready for re-assemble when we get round to it.

Work is now concentrating on the other end of the layout, all scenic track is laid and nearly fully wired, just 3 points left to do and then put in the muilti plugs on the cross board joints, and purchase the transformers and controllers. The mimic diagram is complete for the scenic part of the layout and wired, and the hidden fiddle just needs the track finishing, its mimic is ready to be wired and put in place

All the scenic track has been painted, next job will be to put in the platform edges to form the platforms, then ballasting on the last 3 boards can be done.

The landscape and contours are in place (builders cavity wall insulation) and a card mock up of the road over bridge has been made (by Andii) and the proper one will be made when Andii's work comittments allow

Work only really progresses slowly as its hard when we both live in different counties, but when we do get together it has a tendency to take over and 18 hours days have been known working on it, with short brakes for a Raj and a cup of tea!! and occasionally a cold beer

I am sure Andii will keep more pics updated as we progress (but not to many as we want you all to come and visit us when we do get to take it out on the road

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