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Cher modelistes.

Je reviens apres les petit vacances en Paris:

The Eiffel Tower has a funicular in each leg (not an inclined lift as these are railed vehicles), 3 legs contain pasenger cars with stepped cabins and the fourth legs has a freight funicular in the conventional single level body funicular style. To model this lot would be a nightmare!!!

Got a new mobile phone and took this pic - Paris Metro MP59 (Metro Pneu - rubber tyred, built 1959) stock on Ligne 4 at Barbes-Rochechouart. Paris Metro is standard gauge with a very narrow 'six-foot', the system was built that way in the 1900s to stop main line trains from running on it! The Metro also runs on the right - paraphrasing Michael Caine: 'Not a lot of people know that'!

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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