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Does any one have or know were I can get some traction tyres for my 2 Jouef CL 40s,I have tried Hornby & Lima tyres but they are to big, to narrow, or to small,does any one out have Jouef 40s,I know they are not quite right re body diamentions,but if you dont park them next to a Bachmann 40,I think they look quite nice when are detailed with the bits they didn't have when they were new.I do have a Bachmann 40,but they are so good out of the box,they dont really need anything doing,and I like doing mods to my models.
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Morry Cook.
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I don't know as I have no experience with this model but I am wondering if Marklin or Fleishmann traction tyres might do the trick?

They surely must do something that will fit given that Fleischmann do a Class 43 although not sure if this model has traction tyres or not.

Also of course what about ViTrains traction tyres assuming they do spares. And what about Lima (M B Models of Coventry are Lima spares specialists).

In fact bearing in mind the Jouef Lima link possibly Lima is the best bet.

All worth investigating.

Happy modelling
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