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Judith Edge Brass Kits

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Has anybody built any of these two kits?

If you have, how difficult are they to put together?

I am going to have to bend the brass or do they come formed?

Its just I dont want to mess up another brass kit.

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I've got one for the Sentinel in the cupboard - does that count?

More seriously - you get flat sheets of etched brass, so folding will presumably be required.

The man behind the range seems to be well regarded as a designer of kits - he's got a big EM layout which was at Warley thisyear and some of the kits featured on the layout.

The kits only seem to allow rigid chassis. Instructions for the Sentinel seem detailed

But I'd expect the kits to be well thought out and all the bits to fit properly

Brass kits are not hard to assemble they if you follow some basic things, one of them is dont rush you cannot thow a brass kit together the same way as you can a plastic kit.

I havernt been building brass kit for long and personaly I would say the best way to go about building them is to follow the Right Track series of DVDs as they will cover every aspect of construction that you will need to know.

the Judith Edge Kits do look very well designed kits which will help you in building them.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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