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I have to say after putting Chris Leigh firmly in the bonkers box for his editorial 2 months ago he has gone a long way towards redeeming himself this month.

In the editorial he is talking sence!

The continental section is good (i wish they would make this into a seperate mag.) i would like to see some more eastern and asian models featured (there is more to the world than europe and the USA but i apreciate the hobby is in its infancy in many of those countries and it will come with time).

I loved the "talking to the industry" and the "history of companies" articles (although I would prefer a little and often approach rather than a 4 page spread and 2 articles in 1 magazine) The Hornby article answered some questiones (I am really looking forward to developements in the railroader range) and posed some others and the GEM article was exactly that, a GEM! I cant wait to read part 2!

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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