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Junction Development

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I've been looking through a few old photo's and thought I might share them:

They cover the development of my attempt to model Mangotsfield Junction located between Bath and Bristol.

This is a photo as the junction was developed

This was my method of building the station Canopies which were very long

This view shows the station building which I could onld guess at due to the lack of good photo's

This is the canpoies from another angle

Another station view

Main line action sound and steam

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I like your station building. You could think about adding a lift tower or barrow crossings for the parcels traffic. Oh, and I should lose that signal in the last photo but one.

too late Colombo this layout was scrapped when I moved continents. You know what it is though, any signal is better than nothing, even a poor old Hornby example.
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Very nice. I would be interested to know the stages you went through to create the station canopies.


Here DwD you can clearly see the method of construction, basically Wills canopy bodies glued and bolted together because of the length. Plastcic tube used for the supporting poles with the same sized bolts expoxied into the platforms to support them.
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Afew more pictures of the same subject. Ced Dee will be pleased to know I even constructed a carboard mock up of the scratch built station building.

This is the mine complex on the other side of the station

My impression of the Chocolate factory

Just to show I replaced the signal Colombo

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What is the material that is hanging down from the baseboard edges, held in with colourful drawing pins?
>Here DwD you can clearly see the method of construction,

very nice MMAD. I notice you have the Hornby pub kit in there too. I have one too which is quite popular with the locals. Impressed with your coal mine.
The coal mine is just a bashed around Faller kit. I learn since that there's and brass etch for the head gear and that the winding drums are available as well, it would certainly give a more British feel.

Modelling Aspects of the coal industry/ further aspected of the coal industry are to books I use as reference.
Rob Johnson.
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for details. It's lovely stuff if you don't mind scratch building the rest of the pit. I don't imagine the brass etches are cheap, but you would end up with something really special.
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