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Just bought a layout!!

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Because I build c**p layouts that leave some people cold and cause them to walk past (words of someone on this and another forum). I decided to buy a layout and just won this on eBay:

It gives me the opportunity to eventually go back to British OO and into DCC at the same time!!!!


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QUOTE (john woodall @ 25 Mar 2009, 22:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have a lot of respect for the modelling skills of military modellers, and they do make some great diorama's but have always wondered why they dont make the turrets turn, or when they have tanks on trucks none of the truck lights work?


if you manage to get to germany sometime, please go see miniature wunderland in hamburg john, you'd love it! ... there are so many things apart from trains moving and lighting up and making sounds that this must be the next step up from a layout. someone mentioned diarama - static display, layout - moving display, ... well miniatur wunderland is the next level up - whatever thats called! - short of being real life lol. if only i d had a decent camera when i was there to take movie clips, - the only way to capture the "life" of mw!.
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