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Just bought a layout!!

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Because I build c**p layouts that leave some people cold and cause them to walk past (words of someone on this and another forum). I decided to buy a layout and just won this on eBay:

It gives me the opportunity to eventually go back to British OO and into DCC at the same time!!!!


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What is the difference between a layout and a diorama?

A bit late in the thread to comment, but I feel that the word diorama is often misunderstood. As someone who builds dioramas for museums, model railways etc., I would have to say that operational capability does not have to be compromised at all.

A diorama attempts to offer lifelike views on the models at all viewing angles. This is not always the case on model railways by any means. My County Gate is designed as a diorama but affords ample operational capability. Of course, many small dioramas are built and these are indeed often static.

For model railways, an easy way is to ask, 'Is the model a railway in a landscape, or a railway with scenery around it?'. The former is the diorama.

1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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