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Just bought a layout!!

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Because I build c**p layouts that leave some people cold and cause them to walk past (words of someone on this and another forum). I decided to buy a layout and just won this on eBay:

It gives me the opportunity to eventually go back to British OO and into DCC at the same time!!!!


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Guys, something that us mods find very frustrating is when a dispute spills over onto other forums. we can only moderate MRF - not the entire internet.

If you have a dispute on another forum that cant be settled then please look upon this as a clean slate and dont bring disputes over to us. Move on and enjoy your hobby.

I suggest that you all go and do some modelling, I know thats what I am going to be doing.

Peter (with moderators hat most definatly on!)
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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