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Hi folks
I'm John.
Thanks for having me here and I look forward to nicking people's ideas and putting in some of my own....

I was born in Pleck, Walsall in the English West Midlands.
I got into trains at senior school and had a Hornby layout until my move to Australia in 1973.
With retirement in 2008, I started a layout but dismantled it when the missus retired 3 years ago as we planned to downsize and move.
The move is now complete so I'm in the planning stage for a layout and am looking to pick the brains on here for info.
First - what height should the baseboard be at - I see there's a thread on that so great!!!
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The pros and cons as they apply to you need to be weighed up to arrive at what is best.

I have gone for 1.3m as the layout necessarily has 'duck under' access, and while I can get under easily now, should the family bane of arthritis have a go at me in later life, I will be able to 'scoot under' using the wheelchair that successively served my late mother and late mother in law. I have a neat 'rolling step' unit got decades ago, that enables me to work with the track at waist level when that's required, and operate sitting on bar stools for eye level viewing.
There's a heap of product that goes by that 'rolling step' description. Mine is a ply box with a sprung castor wheel in each corner that allows the step to sink onto bump stops when I step on, so no rolling about and stable when in use. (Not a commercial product, made in house for a manufacturing operation on a site where my late FiL was facilities and plant manager: got for free in a clearout ahead of re-equipment.)
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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