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Baseboard height is a purely personal thing and it also needs to take into account where a layout is physically located.

Personally, I prefer a height around 900mm. It's high enough that:

  • You can get under it to work on wiring
  • Put a chair next to it so you can watch trains at eye level (if that is your thing)
  • It is above the reach of the youngest children (but you'll never have it high enough for the reach of the cat!)

and it is low enough that:

  • You can reach over it to work on (this depends on how tall you are as an individual)
  • You can reach over it to attend to rolling stock etc
  • Older children can see it

Some people mandate a baseboard height close to their eye level when standing. Personally, I think that is too high and is impractical to work on and reach over. The only thing it is good for is watch trains at eye level while standing. I prefer to sit and achieve the same thing at a lower level!

Most layouts I have seen are just under 1M give or take.

Hope this helps.
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