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just throughts on points control

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Have Just bought a ESU decoder and have read through topic on points mainly using Hornby Have been
wondering if you could or need to wire in c d unit ,I propose to use a separate power supply and am using Bachman Dynamis controller which at the moment not getting on to well any advice or comments would be most useful

Noblenoel sorry just a bit slow with some thing ????????

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Sorry but you guys have lost me1

I am using Peco points with SwitchPilot decoders supplied from an accessory bus with 15v AC and 3A, when I get to wire in slips I intend using a SwitchPilot extension - I thought that was all I needed, do I need this Masterswitch thingy and if so why (in simple language as my electrical knowledge is v.basic)

Thanks R
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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