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just throughts on points control

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Have Just bought a ESU decoder and have read through topic on points mainly using Hornby Have been
wondering if you could or need to wire in c d unit ,I propose to use a separate power supply and am using Bachman Dynamis controller which at the moment not getting on to well any advice or comments would be most useful

Noblenoel sorry just a bit slow with some thing ????????

[email protected]
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*** You cannot use a CD supply with an accessory decoder. The voltage pulse will be damaging to the accessory decoder.

You WILL need a high current power supply for point motors, you cannot use track power as it will affect the DCC system stability / train running.

MASTERswitch can be bought from Bromsgrove models, Euroscale models and DCCsupplies in UK.

Expat and Ebaykal are two forum mebers who are using MASTERswitch very successfully - hopefully they will comment.


QUOTE (randolph @ 26 Nov 2008, 22:59) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sorry but you guys have lost me1

I am using Peco points with SwitchPilot decoders supplied from an accessory bus with 15v AC and 3A, when I get to wire in slips I intend using a SwitchPilot extension - I thought that was all I needed, do I need this Masterswitch thingy and if so why (in simple language as my electrical knowledge is v.basic)

Thanks R

*** EACH peco point motor takes about 4 amps at its peak - depending on many things, you may or may not... it really depends if the ESU can handle power delivery OK for the high current load of the peco motors. try it first just as you plan to do it above.

MS has several purposes and people use them for differing reasons - if you look for it using search, there are several threads showing its use.

QUOTE (noblenoel @ 27 Nov 2008, 21:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Richard thanks for the advice on the use of Master Switch tried Dcc Supplies but are out of stock at the moment but will give it a try later
regards Noel

*** No problem, always happy to help.

I believe Bromsgrove models and perhaps Euroscale have them ex stock - I certainly shipped more to Bromsgrove only recently. They both give excellent internet service and are both forum members too. Try them but if not, email me off list or PM me please and I can help.

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*** Here's a simple example of Accessory decoder + Opto board + MS. It will be basically the same with the Switchpilot.

Let me know if U need more info.


QUOTE (noblenoel @ 1 Jan 2009, 19:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hi Richard thanks for the prompt reply can it be wired with out the opto board and what does it do

Thanks again Noel

*** No, if you want to use it with the DCC accessory decoder you must use the Opto board. The opto board protects the microprocessor in the MASTERswitch from wayward spikes ex the accessory decoder. They Opto board is no charge if you specify for DCC control when you buy MASTERswitch. If you didn't specify/didn't get them, then call John at bromsgrove and I'm sure he'll look after you... it'll probably cost postage only

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