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Just to say G'day.

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Just to say g'day. I have been a reader of the forum for some time and have learnt a lot from the posts so thought I' d like to be a bit more involved. So thanks for having me, an old rock from way back and not a Derby winner.
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Welcome to the Forum and I look forward to your contribution. As you have probably noticed, any questions are welcome too.

Hello and welcome to the Forum Silurian


Hi Silurian, welcome to the forum. You're not from Australia by any chance are you?

Are you a geologist, paleontologist or a Dr Who fan?


Could be dangerous if he's one of the Doctor Who Silurians!!

Welcome anyway.
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Thankyou for your welcomes. Yes an expat living in SW Tasmania and creating my piece of nostalgia. No not a Dr. Who fan, although enjoyed the Tom Baker classics.. Just a love of Gresley Pacifics.. A1's in particular and all things Southern.
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Hi Silurian and welcome.

I have to admit I'm not a great fan of things North Eastern, but as a Southern man at heart I'll forgive you.

I look forward to your queries.

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