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Just to say 'Hello'

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Just to say 'Hello' all,

I'm 'Piermaster', so called because I am the designer, builder, owner, and operator of Walmington Pier Tramway, what must be the most minimalist layout to ever appear on the exhibition circuit!

A little about myself:
I'm Dave Carson, married, no kids, live in Stowmarket, Suffolk and until January, worked for 32 years with London Transport Executive/London Regional Transport/London Underground Ltd/Metronet Rail. Now work as a Quality Systems Auditor with a regional construction company based in Stowmarket as well as running my own consultancy - Rail Audit Services Ltd.

Enough about me, now lets go for the fun!!!

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QUOTE (Doug @ 19 Jun 2007, 10:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Dave, welcome to the forum.

Is this you then?

Looks interesting. Please show us some more photos of your pier tramway and let us know how you came to build it.

You could've found a better photo!!! That was one of the 'candid' shots taken at the Enfield show back in 2004 or 2005. Yes Doug, I will submit some more pics but I'm going on holiday on Friday for a 2-weeks cruise to Norway, Iceland & Ireland. Can you wait until then?

Could you please remind me on the 5th July?

Many thanks,
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Hi all,

I'm back from my cruise to Norway, Iceland and Northern Ireland. Terrific time there and the only railway 'anoraking' I did was the Floibanen Funicular in Bergen, Norway and the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum in Cultra, near Belfast.

Some of you asked about my Walmington Pier Tramway layout and I'll post details of it in a separate thread in the Layouts section.


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