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Kadee couplers

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Does anyone use kadees on their European freight wagons. I've been trying out the Kadee 5 on my Russian wagons but even if I set the box out proud from the wagon end the buffers lock on corners. I remember reading somewhere that I should use a longer shanked variety - but which? Another article mentions the No.16 and yet another recommends the 40 series. Advice please. I have two sorts of wagon a standard 4 wheeler and some US 40' wagons with buffers attached. Help!
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Take a look at the article here:

There are plenty of links to Kadee resources that may help. I'm using mostly #17 and #18 NEM Kadee couplers on my wagons tha have NEM pockets depending on the buffer system.
I am using Kadees No 18 & 19 with NEM endings on my rolling stock without any problem. Shunting, using the delayed magnets is effortless and made easy.

However for passenger coaches I would recommend the Fleischmann profi couplers for prototypical close coupling.


I am sure there is a correct KD for this application which would be best but I have also used the Bachmann/McHenry type long shank and overset; ie the shaft goes to the top of the knuckle. I have mostly # 18's but they are further apart than needed for my 19" curves so I will replace most of them with #17's. The point is that your smallest radius curve and vehicle length come into the equation.
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