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Kadee Couplings

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I am re-entering modelling after some fifteen years and finding myself well out of date.

I am planning a DCC HO layout with German stock for which I have received much useful advice from modellers on here. On my previous layout I used Kadee couplings as I like complete hands-off operation where possible. I plan to use them again but am at a loss to understand the Kadee literature.

Previously I used permanent magnets and they worked quite well with only a few unplanned uncoupling. I believe Kadee do an electro-magnetic uncoupler and, just to be sure, I mean one that is only operative when switched on.

Do Kadee sell such an item and if so, what do they call it; I'm baffled by their descriptions.

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The electromagnet eliminates the 'surge' as steel axled vehicles approach a permanent magnet. This can be a real problem with free running stock, if the kadee on the rear of the vehicle ahead is still over the permanent magnet, when the next vehicle's leading axle is tugged forward - and there's an uncouple you weren't looking for! - typically between vehicles near the rear of the train.

So my preference is the electromagnet. I actuate the electromagnets using a probe on a wire against a vertical contact on the layout edge. No way will that lead to a burn out.
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