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Kadee Couplings

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I am re-entering modelling after some fifteen years and finding myself well out of date.

I am planning a DCC HO layout with German stock for which I have received much useful advice from modellers on here. On my previous layout I used Kadee couplings as I like complete hands-off operation where possible. I plan to use them again but am at a loss to understand the Kadee literature.

Previously I used permanent magnets and they worked quite well with only a few unplanned uncoupling. I believe Kadee do an electro-magnetic uncoupler and, just to be sure, I mean one that is only operative when switched on.

Do Kadee sell such an item and if so, what do they call it; I'm baffled by their descriptions.

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#309 Under theTies Delayed Action Uncoupler is what you are after.

I've tried them but so much trouble to wire them up and fit a timer so they don't accidently get left on
and burn out, so I decided to stick to the fixed magnet between the rails and that works rather well.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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