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I picked up a Kadee #309 Magne-Electric Uncoupler

What you get in the bag:


This is how it goes together:

And this is how it fits under the track:

And to wire it to a 16V AC power source, there is a very handy bridge rectifier supplied. If you use a 12 volt DC supply, then there is a capacitor supplied too that will help boost the power. You don't need the capacitor with 16 volts (so they say).

I'll fit is in the next day or two. Hopefully it will do the job and work only when the button is pressed. What I don't like about magnets under the track is that they do affect the running of a train at low speeds. The wagons do jerk to and off the magnetic plate as they pass over giving a strange effect as the train goes by. I do prefer the idea of an electro-magnetic solution. Lets just hope that it doesn't end up too expensive.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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