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Since I have decided to standardise on Kadees, I am going to build all my wagons from kits. So far it appears that the top of the Kadee coupling box ends up being flush with the underside of the buffer beam. That looks to be the same for Doug's Hornby wagons too. I use long shank couplers from the 30 series Kadee range. They are more expensive than the number 5 but the drawbar box does not protrude beyond the buffer beam. Here's a picture I took last December to show how much "swing" I could get.
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I mount the coupling so that the inside edge of the "cup" is level with the buffers.

As mentioned in the class 2 review, I was surprised to find that the short shank no 17 was long enough on the tender; and yes, I have done some "pushing" with it without any problems.



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