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Kadee special offer 30% off retail price

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We have a special offer on the go in the Plus+ members section.

30% off USA retail prices.

Example: A packet (two pairs) of #20 Extra Long NEM 362 Magne-Matic® Couplers - £1.24 (excluding postage and packing).

This is one of the reasons to join up to Plus+, group purchases and special offers are offered to members. Postage will be discounted due to the bulk order. We will be placing the order in the next week or two so if you are interested in a good deal, join up now.

If you are a Plus+ member, check out the offer here.
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Doug if you gave us all full details of the offer some of us might be tempted to join, e.g. are there any limits on quantities and what is the cost of P+P
Well, we are organising a Kadee bulk order. Any Kadee product that is currently available. Most of us are concentrating on British conversion and uncouplers.

Postage to be calculated when orders are complete. The experience I have with the supplier is that postage is very reasonable.

No limits within reason on quantities.

We'll add up the quantities, members can pay the supplier directly (PayPal is probably easiest).

I have received my order made through this bulk purchase. I am very happy with the couplers and un-couplers. Very happy with the 30% off USA retail prices.

Never having used the #321 between-the-rails fixed magnet before, and after trying to make my own out of spare magnets, I wasn't convinced that they would work. Well they do and very efficiently at that. You only have to put up with the magnet between the rails and on my Code 83 track, I have to cut away some sleepers between the rails. Not the end of the world to get some function delayed un-coupling. With Code 100 Peco track, these magnets sit on the sleepers.
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