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QUOTE (Expat @ 13 Apr 2008, 11:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Just a thought but could any of the problem be related to the difference between US power, which is supplied at 60 Hz, and European power which is generally supplied at 50 Hz ?.


***No, the power input to the DCC system is rectified and regulated. The problem is exactly as suggested by Brian/DBclass 50. Use of the "run DC loco on Zero" is to be avoided if possible, especially for N.

An example of how destructive it can be:

A client accidentally left a non-chipped Fleischmann HO scale loco with a large heavy can motor on the DCC track overnight. The end cap of the motor was literally toasted & looked like charcoal when I opened it up - it had been totally cremated by the heat generation of the "run DC on zero" position. This was a heavy metal very robust can motor... You can imaging what it will do to ANY tiny N scale motor!

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