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QUOTE (rb277170 @ 27 Mar 2009, 17:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hornby loco running on Hornby track. The least a normal punter would expect is for it to run OK. Shouldn't need to check back to back measurements or fill with lead.


Well, following the passage of the Model Railways Act, the old state-run Hornby Rail has been split up and sold off. Track is now managed by 16M Infrastructure plc, while the services are run by a number of shadow operating units, known as Enthusiasts. The trains themselves are designed and manufactured by train builders, some of whom are old enough to have inherited techniques from the pre-nationalisation Tri-ang and Bassett-Lowke empires. This disaggregation can sometimes result in less-than-optimal engineering performance, but the benefits of unprecedented private capital investment still outweigh these minor pitfalls.

For anyone who tried to commute on South West Trains a few years ago, this picture should bring back some warm memories of why this approach is best.

/thread hijack -- sorry if it's cryptic
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