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QUOTE (randolph @ 26 Jul 2008, 22:06) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I took delivery of the class 33 recently but as yet don't have my layout ready to use. I have just got a Gaugemaster rolling road and ran the Class 33 at medium speed for 30 mins each way. By the end of this time the loco was hot to handle on the sides. I took the cab off the model and all looked Ok but I'm no expert! - any ideas on what might be wrong ( in simple language) or am I worrying unduly?


***It shouldn't run hot at all, as there is no "load" on the motor on a rolling road. If its a new loco i'd ask to have it replaced. If its too late for that, then you should probably at least ask for a replacement motor from Heljan.... if the body has got that hot then the motor will have been VERY VERY hot and as it was probably the motor at the root of the problem, it'lll be one step closer to a dead motor

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