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Few weeks ago I got Faller kit no 131010 light house
such kits so much plastics appearance.I did some paint works
on it to modify concrete view

simply as below can do same technique for similiar kits such as
concrete buildings,platnt etc.

This light house in Istanbul which was a similiar model for me.

main body sanding with sandpaper 400.sanding from up to down in one
direction we obtain rough surface.
This will perform for easy and good painting also

1-original plastic windows
2-painted with sprey color
3-after drying guache water based color for mat view
4-Mounted them.

1-body mounted and colored by white sprey
2-used putty for holes and connections of the body
Used guache water based white color with mixing 5white+1rawyellow
3-again sanding with sandpaper
4-resin frames prepared and mounted
Again painted with mixing 5white+1rawyellow guache color and black
belt painted
5-motor and light mounted .tested

base made by plaster works and mounted a bit near our port


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Very nice

Thanks for posting.



Good stuff. If I may add a few tips of my own gleaned from various sources?

Rough concrete

A coat of Games Workshop, roughcote followed with Plasticote tan and then a very light dusting of lighter tan to give a variation to the colour.

Original on top

second option, paint with choice of paint and when still wet, dust with white pepper - if you sprinkle it straight on to the paint you get rough concrete - if you blow across the surface while doing so you get a much smoother concrete. See the flagstones in the below image



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QUOTE It is the lighthouse to find the course for the vessels navigating from Marmara Sea to entrance of Istanbul Port and Istanbul Strait.
The visual sight distance of the lighthouse, in which has the flashing (white flash) charecter of Fl.W. 6 sec ( W. Fl. 6.0 Sn. 0,5 + 5,5 ), is 16 nautical

Count seconds please as same with original 1 flas every 6 seconds
here is the video link of Lighthouse

Happy new year!

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