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The answer depends on the radius curves you use.

Using three link on short wheel base wagons must mean you are using (in 4mm 00) at least 2 foot radius curves, as anything much less when pushing wagons around a curve you will get buffer lock and derail the wagons.

With 2 foot radius curves you shouldn't have any problems with bogie vehicles and three link couplings, albeit the greater the radius the better.

Some of the threee link couples come with the tail of the hook designed to pass through the buffer beam with a spring on the other side, secured by a split pin. Therefore, if the buffer heads of two wagons meet, the hook will pull against the spring and effectivly extend the hook length.

Using sprung buffers also helps stop buffer lock.

The Hornby/Bachmann type couplings are designed to stop buffer lock on sharp curves. (and of course ease of joining two vehicles together).


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