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who knows were you can buy hornby train kits in norfolk?

ive been looking on the net for a make it yourself loco kit for a long time now i have a cd-rom that said about these i have been unsuccessful in finding a kit i would like any 4-6-2 but i dont seem to be able to find one would you be able to help me?

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The advice given elsewhere is good advice. If you pick up a copy of the magazine Railway Modeller from a local newsagent there are more adverts in that magazine than any other. Have a browse and see whats available.

Its very hard to answer general questions in any forum as in this hobby there is so much available. Enter "locomotive kits" into Google and see what comes up. The first 2 or 3 pages of results make very good browsing.

If you are a newcomer you should visit your local hobby shop, have a browse, see exactly what is involved in building a kit and whether it is something for you. No words offered here can match the experience of examining a kit at close quarters.

Hornby don't do kits but if you enter "locomotive kits norfolk" into Google then your will find a surprising number of kit suppliers in that region. I surprised myself with how many are based there!

Happy modelling
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